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Our Products

Pre-Order Specialty Items

If you are interested in a specialty crop, call or e-mail us and we can discuss the feasibility of growing requested crops. We generally order our seeds in January and start them in our nursery as early as February.





Standing Orders

Want to make sure you get your order before it’s sold out? Establish a pre-order with Rendezvous. Specify “pre-order” for your specific delivery week. Or, just call ahead!

We are happy to set up a regular, automatic delivery for any of our products, to meet your needs.

Where to Find our Produce

  • We are proud to say the following establishments carry Rendezvous Farm products:
  • North Fork Valley:

  • Chrys Bailey’s Kitchen and Catering
  • Fresh and Wyld
  • Hardin’s Market
  • Trading Post
  • Roaring Fork Valley:

  • Carbondale Co-op
  • Element 47
  • Fold Community Kitchen
  • The Edge Restaurant
  • Ajax Tavern
  • Matsuhisa
  • Plato's at Aspen Meadows