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“The genesis of Rendezvous Organic Farm was my father's prolific vegetable garden that supplied our family with wonderful fresh food every year. Upon moving to Colorado my wife and I attempted to grow vegetables in Aspen at 8,300 feet but found little success for our favorite crops at this altitude in our rocky maroon soil. Unwilling to give up a family tradition we began looking at farms in the North Fork Valley, during our search we met up with a great young chef from Aspen, though originally from Kentucky, who was also looking for a farm that could provide his restaurant with simply the best, freshest food available, anywhere. With our shared vision we teamed up to find a property that fit our dream. We gathered additional people from all over the country with different skills and backgrounds to make the farm a working reality. It occurred to me that we had created a Rendezvous of people in the western tradition, the most famous of which was the gathering held in Jackson Hole. Rendezvous Organic Farm has continued to grow and we have the good fortune of having attracted wonderful and diverse people that share our vision of excellent food grown well.The Rendezvous goes on.” ~ Mike and Adde Waters, Owners


Rendezvous Organic Farm is a year-round, Certified Organic farm located in Crawford, Colorado, about 100 miles from Aspen. Our North Fork Valley community is known for its commitment to organic and sustainable farming methods. We are proud to call this area home.

We focus on only a few acres of cultivation to grow exceptional, quality produce. During our peak summer season, Rendezvous Organic Farm offers many items to choose from: bulk quantities of greens (kale, lettuce, braising mix), a plethora of tomatoes and other seasonal favorites. This year (2016) we are excited to offer specialty micro-greens in bulk!

 Orders are processed the day before delivery. We harvest specifically to fill your orders ensuring you receive the freshest possible product.

Rendezvous Organic Farm takes great pride in the quality of our produce and will take every step to ensure it arrives to you at its very best.


Our mission is to provide nutritious and healthy food to our local and neighboring communities, while being true stewards of the land. As we attempt to observe and model our practices after natural processes, we strive to respect our natural resources, care for our soils, and uphold organic standards to the fullest potential.


  • Mike & Adde Waters, Owners +

       Michael Waters is an entrepreneur and businessman with many interests, including land and water conservation. Like his other business ventures, Rendezvous Organic Farm produces something of tangible value - organic produce, as well as employment and investment in the local community.      Adelaide Waters is a teacher and leader in the field of adult learning. She has helped with staffing and marketing of the farm and occasionally assists in the field during growing season. She appreciates the romantic idea of a family farm and wishes to spend more time at the farm....but not weeding!
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